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Tips on Decorating That Special Baby Shower Theme

One of the most enjoyable aspects of putting together a baby shower is deciding on and putting together a theme for the baby shower. The theme comes in after the expectant mother and the person giving the baby shower have decided on all the other details such as the location, time, menu and the guests which will be attending the shower.

The baby shower theme is very important, as it will determine the colors that will be used. Sometimes the shower theme will reflect other things, such religious affiliation or ethnic background. Just what type of theme will be used is solely up to the expectant mother, although input is usually welcome from the host of the baby shower.

The major factor which will influence the scope of the baby shower decorations will of course be the allotted budget. The budget will need to be kept in mind when planning what type of decorations that you would like to include, as well as how many. It will be much easier to stay within budget if you take a short outing to get a general idea of the pricing on the type of decorations you are considering for use. This will not only help you to stay within your allotted budget, but it will also give you ideas that you may not have even thought of for the baby shower. Be sure to take along a pen and a notepad to jot down the items with their prices, as well as for taking down decorating ideas that you may want to discuss.

If you are going to be renting a facility to host the shower, you will want to be certain that you get all the rules for the area’s use. Some facilities will not allow you to use certain items on the walls like tape or thumbtacks. These types of limitations will have a definite impact on the type of decorations that you can use, so you will want to be mindful of this and make your baby shower decorations fit within these guidelines.

There are some baby shower decorations which are considered to be a staple, such as a stork in either blue or pink indicating the expected sex of the baby, a balloon bouquet in appropriate colors to mark the location of the baby shower, a beautiful theme colored centerpiece and of course the obligatory matching plates, napkins and cups. These are the decorations that you will find at almost every baby shower you will attend. If you would like to go further than the traditionally expected decorations, and the budget will allow it, then the sky is the limit on your choices. Just be certain to be mindful of the budget, and stay on theme and you will have a wonderful baby shower!

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